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We can get the Best and highly paying part time jobs.

Keep your parents comfort by arranging high demand jobs, by skilling  students before the departure


Right guidance to Visas

From the application processing time onwards our guidance to get the right visa. Also visa consulatant available on call.


Affordable Accormadation

We are in a position to arrange australian standard  accommodation for a affordable price.


Assistance in parents VISA & Tours

Parents are always welcome to visit the student and we always assist in visa and ticketing.


25% Scholarships available for our students

Students who have completed certificate course from AusEd Global, are eligible to get scholarship.


Help in selecting High Demand Courses

High Demand courses will give you extra points for the PR.

They Recomend Us

Sathya Perera    

It has been a great experience. It increases your employability.
Most of the degrees have placements which gives you experiences on your future jobs. Apart from studies UTAS has developed my confidence, interpersonal skills, & Confident to interact with foreign society. UTAS has given me very good 360 experiences. Community of Tasmania is very beautiful and very comfortable. 

Hirushi Gomes 

Angus Balcomb

Diving into life as a Tassie uni student- Aruna De Silva

Growing up in tropical Sri Lanka, Aruna De Silva wasn’t used to winter, let alone snow.
But when he moved to Tasmania to study at the University, he soon found himself taking part in some extreme outdoor activities - including swimming in a frozen lake.
Aruna is studying his MBA in the University of Tasmania’s School of Business and Economics (TSBE), and when he’s not in class or doing assignments, he is adventuring in the Tasmanian wilderness.
Aruna dove in the approximately zero-degree water with his fellow members of the Tas Uni Dive Club, just one of the many student societies he’s involved in.
“We wanted to do something extraordinary! We usually go to that place in the summer,” he said.
I like the diversity and number of student societies at UTAS. I am an outdoor person who loves to go hiking, diving and rafting. UTAS has like-minded people who want to connect with nature and we regularly organise trips to local recreation areas.
Now a year into his MBA, Aruna came to Tasmania supported by a scholarship, because he wanted a course that gave a “great understanding of business”.
“The current MBA program at UTAS covers a vast range of management units that provides a thorough understanding of how businesses operate in a competitive environment,” Aruna said.
The course has units that cover multiple aspects of starting and managing a business, which will help me greatly in achieving my career goal of becoming a consultant.
And not all of Aruna’s societies focus on the outdoors. He’s also the Career Director for the Tasmanian University Business and Economics Society (TUBES). TUBES holds social and career events for TSBE students, connecting the Uni community with industry, including highlights job opportunities for students.
The best part about being involved in a student organisation is that it provides networking opportunities with industry professionals.
“TUBES will not only give you an opportunity to network with industry professionals but also provides industry insights from different sectors, and experience in event planning, among other things.”
Aruna eventually wants to become a management consultant at a local company, but for now he’s happy to keep experiencing everything our State has to offer.
“Tasmania’s friendly neighbourhoods and rich wilderness have made it feel like I am in my home country.
Tasmania is not only providing a world-class education through the University, but also many amazing places for outdoor activities to balance life and study.

Aruna’s top three things about studying at TSBE 
1. “Friendly lecturers who always give individual attention and support.”
2. “The Corporate Internship Program gives an opportunity for postgraduate students to apply theory in a work environment.”
3. “It's one of the best ways to break through into local job market.”

Source - http://www.utas.edu.au/news/2019/9/6/918-diving-into-life-as-a-tassie-uni-student/

Our Strategy

  1. Step One - We will first assess the student’s education skills, work experience and English knowledge through our developed system.
  2. Step Two -If a student lacks some aspects of education, work experience and English knowledge we will take the necessary steps and provide the guidance to acquire those at the most efficient & effective manner. 
  3. Step Three - Once these students are brought to the required standards, they will be guided through the UTAS application process and will be processed for visa application stage to move to Australia for further studies.

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